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Mitigation Strategies

MCCSD Mitigation Strategies

MCCSD Mitigation Practices

Face Coverings

MCCSD staff, students and visitors are not required to wear face coverings. It is recommended that unvaccinated staff, students and visitors wear a face covering.

Social Distancing

We will be implementing many efforts to socially distance our students as much as possible and as often as possible.

Our efforts will include but are not limited to:

  • Assessing and altering classroom seating arrangements to better utilize the entire classroom and create more space between our students.

  • Reinforcing students using only their own materials such as manipulatives and other resources.

  • Staggering classroom dismissal times when possible in our individual buildings.

  • Implementing directional restrictions and markings in our hallways whenever possible for our individual buildings.

  • Implementing the concept of having teachers or staff change locations while students remain in a specific classroom in certain circumstances and whenever possible in our individual buildings.

  • Altering entrance and exit procedures for classrooms during class time.

  • Altering lunch protocols, including increasing the number of lunch times and periods, expanding locations in which students eat lunch, spreading out lunch tables and limiting seating at lunch tables. We will stagger lunch dismissal times and serving times, and in some unique cases, bag lunches may be brought to the students.

  • Altering school dismissal procedures.

  • Implementing face coverings utilization as a mitigation strategy to help with:

    • Hallway travel throughout our schools.

    • Standing in lines for lunch servings.

    • Limited small group instruction that includes social distancing.

    • Limited one-on-one instruction that includes social distancing.

  • Eliminating large group student assemblies until further notice.

  • Implementing high expectations for students to monitor their own social distancing. We will not condone students gathering in large groups.

  • Expecting parents to support and reinforce these expectations with their students.


  • We will be excluding non-essential visitors, volunteers, and outside groups until further notice at all district buildings.

  • It will always be best to call ahead and make arrangements for what you need or to make an appointment. If you enter the building, you will be expected to wear a face covering and follow other guidance.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our efforts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Altering and increasing cleaning schedules and procedures to meet the needs of keeping our classrooms sanitized on a daily basis and as needed.

  • Providing an abundance of hand sanitizer to students and staff in every classroom, at entrances and throughout our buildings.

  • Implementing protocols of leaving classroom doors open whenever possible to minimize the number of hands touching door handles. Disinfecting wipes will be available to our staff to frequently sanitize door handles.

  • Implementing hand hygiene protocols, including times that will be scheduled for students and staff to wash their hands frequently throughout the school day and at appropriate times.

  • All bubbler fountains or spigots will be shut off. Water bottle fillers will remain functional.

  • Boys bathrooms are being evaluated for possible elimination of urinals for distancing.

  • Recess equipment will be cleaned after its use.


This remains one of our biggest challenges for a return during the COVID-19 pandemic. In typical situations. It is not feasible to double the size of our transportation team to better space out seating. In light of these facts, our efforts will include but are not limited to:

  • Encouraging any and all parents who can arrange to transport their children to and from school, to please do so in an effort to diminish the number of students on buses.

  • Providing parents who are willing to provide their own transportation time considerations with getting their children to school.

  • Minimizing the number of students on buses to allow for more social distancing.

  • Implementing face coverings utilization for all students on school buses. It will also be the expectation the transportation staff to utilize face coverings.

  • Sanitizing our buses with electrostatic sprayers on a daily basis between morning and afternoon routes, and again in the evening.

  • Implementing student health checks (mentioned below) every morning, prior to leaving their home.

Health Screening and Monitoring

We are putting many efforts and protocols in place to monitor the health of our students and staff. These efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Implementing plans for daily health and symptom checks for students and staff through various means prior to coming to school.

  • Requiring students and staff who show symptoms through their daily health checks not to attend school and to visit with their medical professional before returning symptom free.

  • Reviewing and altering attendance policies, as we know there will be greater attendance issues during this pandemic. We will implement equipment allowing us better capability of quickly assessing student and staff temperatures.

  • Establishing various triage zones so students with minor issues or those needing medication will not be coupled with students showing symptoms such as fevers.

  • Altering our protocols for parents picking up children who become ill, and not requiring them to enter the school buildings.

  • Reporting any known positive cases of COVID-19 immediately to the Cerro Gordo Public Health, and completely following their guidance regarding any needed quarantines and protocols.


The district encourages all staff and students age 12 and older to get a vaccination. The district works closely with Cerro Gordo Public Health to arrange vaccinations for staff and students. Call Cerro Gordo Public Health (641-421-9300) for more information.

Fall Sports, Concerts and Large Activity Gatherings

We are awaiting more guidance from the State regarding gatherings like football games and concerts which tend to fill our venues with little to no room for social distancing. We will communicate this information as we get closer to such events.

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